Thursday, 15 May 2008

Fiasco's Restaurant, take two.

The last time we went to Fiasco's we were disappointed with the service we received. I must have really high standards, because it does seem that wherever I go lately I am not satisfied with service. However, I am glad to say that I was proven wrong with our visit last weekend.

We went back to Fiasco's on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised at how much better the service was. 100% better. We were seated straight away, our drinks order was taken and delivered promptly, everyone was wonderfully friendly and attentive. We were seated outside and there was always a waitperson nearby to make sure everything was okay. By the time our orders were taken we had already been visited by more staff than our previous visit. Last night was the way I think service should be and I am very glad that we went back and got to see them at their best.

I do think that we were disadvantaged last time in eating so late, even though it was not our fault our table wasn't ready for half an hour. Last night everything was relaxed and easy, we were even asked if we would like a second drinks order when our mains arrived, compared to last time when we weren't even asked once! We were also offered dessert on this visit and chose to share (there were three of us) a brandy snap basket with ice cream. It was amazing, a perfect end to a wonderful meal with great service. We couldn't have asked for more.

Fiasco's Steakhouse
Morrison Hotel
640 Stanley St
Ph: 07 3391 1413
(bookings highly recommended)

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