Friday, 27 June 2008

Belle Fleur Chocolates at Rozelle

Our quest for gastronomic pleasure continued with a visit to Belle Fleur Chocolates in Roselle. Belle Fleur is located on Darling Street, which is the same street as Adriano Zumbo, Victoire Bakery and the Orange Grove Markets. It is quite an exciting street.

The store is lovely and open with their chocolates beautifully presented. You can dreamily look over the array of truffles at the front counter or browse through their packaged gift chocolates, single origin chocolates, chocolate pieces, block chocolate... it was very cool.

We visited Belle Fleur twice for an assortment of truffles. The first time we were quite restrained in our selection, picking only six few different flavours to try. The second time we were better educated about what we liked and didn't like and purchased some more of our favourites (and not just one of each this time!) and some more new tastes.

Chocolates nestled in their little blue box.

Our first selection which included a pistachio chocolate, a cappucino cup, mint-filled, caramel-filled.

The second selection

One thing I have learned about holiday food blogging is that I really should have taken notes as it's now almost two weeks since we visited and I can only remember a few of the flavours. I will do better next time.

One of the ones I do remember is the chilli chocolate truffle. The chilli was very subtle and DD couldn't even taste it until I told him to look for the little bit firey aftertaste. After he picked up on that he became a big fan. We bought more of these when we back the second time.

The coconut log was also a winner. I'm not usually a fan of coconut, unless it's in the form of coconut milk, but I liked this. The coconut flavour was also very subtle and it was a true coconut taste, rather than a sickly Bounty-type of coconut (please excuse me any Bounty fans, but I really don't like them). This was another we had to try again.

The cappucino cup was quite large. I had seen them before on Not Quite Nigella and I was excited to be able to buy one to try myself, but I was surprised at their size. NQN felt that the coffee taste wasn't particularly strong in her cup. I can happily report that mine had no such problems. There was a very strong coffee taste in this truffle, too much for a non-coffee drinker like me. It looks beautiful though.

The caramel chocolate cup was another favourite. The caramel wasn't too sweet, but just sweet enough to provide a balance to the chocolate. We bought more of these too.

I do remember that I didn't really like the mint-filled or the pistachio truffle. The pistachio one tasted almost liquer-y and was too strong for me. I can't remember why I didn't like the mint. One of the two chocolates that looked a bit like cupcakes was another that I didn't like, but I can't remember what it was or why I didn't like it. The other one, on the other hand was really good. How's that for a vague paragraph?

Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates
658 Darling St
Roselle, NSW
Ph 02 9810 2690


  1. Hello!

    I've been trying to find some Brisbane food blogs to read, and recently I found yours!

    I love Belle Fleur chocolates, and thought you'd like to know that they are available at some David Jones stores up here (Queens Plaza and Toowong have them - but they're not at Garden City. Not sure about the others). I like the champagne cork and hazelnut ones! :D

  2. Thanks Lara, that's really good to know. I'll have to head into the city and check it out!