Wednesday, 25 June 2008

bills Woollahra

Nestled off this gorgeous tree-lined street is bills at Woollahra, where we went for breakfast on a slightly grey Tuesday morning. I love Bill Granger, I really love his books, his show, his food philosophy and his recipes, so I was very excited to be going to visit.

bills Woollahra is set off the road in Queen's Court, which means that the inside is well insulated from road noise and the outdoor courtyard is protected from the wind while still allowing in the sunshine. Well, it would if there was sunshine when we went. We sat inside in a corner table. It was only 10 minutes after opening time and there was only other one other table occupied so we were served nice and quickly.

the very simple breakfast menu

DD had investigated the menu before we went, printing out a copy of the sample menu from Bill's website. He was quite amused to see that the actual menus looked exactly the same as his home-printed copy, just on thicker paper which had Bill's logo on the back. It was a tough choice for me, as I was having trouble deciding between Bill's famous eggs or his equally famous ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter which I have tried to cook myself before. In the end we decided to try:

Hot chocolate with Callebaut ($4) - see the gorgeous chocolate pieces so vibrantly contrasting with creamy pale whiteness of the steamed milk. It was so pretty!

A cappucino for DD.

Scrambled organic eggs with sourdough toast ($12.80 ea). DD had a side of bacon ($4.50), I had a side of chicken chipolatas ($5.00) and some aged cheddar ($3.80).

It was amazing. The eggs were creamy and tasty and when you added the aged cheddar and the sourdough toast, it became sublime. The sourdough was crusty and perfectly toasted and when you lifted up the first slice you found a pat of butter patiently softening between the warmed pieces of toast. There were so much on the plate too, I couldn't finish mine and I'm ashamed to say that I only managed one of my chipolatas (it was unfortunately forgettable compared to the rest of the meal). DD developed a taste for my aged cheddar too, so I was forced to share my cheese.

From our seat in the corner we could see a plate of massive muffins sitting on the shelf from the kitchen, but we didn't try anything else.

The service was nice and friendly, although we did have to go hunting for the bill when we ready to leave.

While what I've written sounds quite brief, it's hard to explain just how much I enjoyed the meal. I think it was partially because I had built it up in my head because I do like Bill Granger so much and because nothing about the meal disappointed me, so it became almost like a revelation for me. I am so very glad that we went and that we have had this experience. The only thing that could have possibly made it better was if Bill had picked that morning to visit Woollahra and I got to meet him. But hey, not all dreams can come true.

Another picture of my hot chocolate this time after stirring. It was so hard to put my spoon in and mar that beautiful whiteness, but I wanted to taste it!

bills Woollahra
Queen's Court
118 Queen St
Woollahra, NSW
Ph 02 9328 7997

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