Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Chimi's Burgerbar update

We went for a visit to Chimi's Burgerbar on Friday night looking for a burger but unfortunately found it closed.

The message on their website reads:

Thanks to all of you who loved Chimi's burgers, unfortunately Chimi's has closed and we are so sorry to have let it go.

You have all been great customers and helped spread the word of our shop to the surrounding areas but it just wasn't enough. We will always be grateful and we are sorry to have let you all down.

The Chimi's crew.

It's a sad thing, they were very good burgers that we enjoyed very much. So many places now are just targetting the "fancy" burgers and don't focus on doing the simple ones well. Vale, Chimi's... I will miss your Moo with Cheese.

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