Tuesday, 1 July 2008


DD had wanted to go back to Ogalo during our holiday so we took the opportunity to visit Ogalo Kensington before our shopping trip to Peter's of Kensington.

Ogalo specialises in Portugese-style chicken burgers, so we each had an Ogalo burger with a serving of chips. The burger was a very simple construction of chicken, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise, but it was really really well done. The chicken was bursting with flavour, the cheese was a great match for the chicken and the mayonnaise really tied it all together. And on top of the great burger, the chips were cooked perfectly, weren't greasy and were nice and crispy.

The down side? It was too big and I couldn't finish it. It was great for a fast food offering, I wish we could have gone back!

Ogalo Kensington
160 Anzac Parade
Kensington, NSW
Ph 02 9662 6198
(other locations across Sydney also)

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