Friday, 11 July 2008

Pizza with Eumundi Smokehouse Sausages

While on my quest to find the perfect recipe to showcase our Eumundi Smokehouse sausages I thought I should make pizza. I'm pretty picky with my pizzas. I like them to be saucy and cheesy with a base that is not too doughy or floury and that doesn't overpower my sauce and cheese. I also like pretty plain pizzas, I don't like those that have too much going on. I find that I very rarely get a bought pizza that I truly enjoy and that I feel is a perfectly satisfying pizza. I get good pizzas where you can taste the quality of sauce and the ingredients and they are good, but they just aren't my perfect pizza.

So, why not make my own? Well, because I'm lazy really. But DD sent me on my own to do grocery shopping one day and I saw premade pizza bases and thought I'd give it a whirl. I didn't make my own base because of the abovementioned lazy thing.

Anyway, I made two versions of this pizza with varying levels of success. The first pizza was split into sixths, one sixth for each type of Eumundi sausage and two sixths for just plain cheese. I added some torn mozzarella to the cheese only bit in addition to the pre-grated cheese. I used pizza sauce infused with basil and garlic and baked it on my pizza stone.

It was so good. The Eumundi sausages added the perfect extra flavour to my pizza and the base was perfect as the vehicle for the flavours without detracting from them. I knew it was a good pizza when I tried it cold the next day and it was just as good, if not better, as when it first came out of the oven. This is huge for me, because I normally hate cold pizza.

The second pizza was fairly similar. I used the Kasana and Russian Farmers sausage from Eumundi and spread them out over the whole base instead of keeping them separate.

I then topped it with some torn mozarella and grated cheese - a bought combination of grated mozarella, tasty cheese and parmesan. It's low fat pizza cheese! It was the same amount of grated cheese as the first pizza and I cooked it in the same way.

I must not have cooked it long enough though because this time the base was floury and doughy and really took away from the flavours in the pizza. I think I overdid it with the cheese, I should have left off the torn mozzarella as the flavours started fighting each other. When I had some the next day, I thought "ugh, cold pizza". I do think it was because I didn't cook it long enough. Maybe my stone wasn't as hot this time as it was the last time. DD told me that the pizza needed more cooking but I didn't listen as I thought I knew better, so sorry DD. You were right.

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