Thursday, 10 July 2008

Burgers from Bennetts Road Seafood

DD has made a little bit of a tradition of visiting Chimi's Burger Bar on a Friday. He loves their burgers and sweet potato fries. I like it because you can downsize the burger size and get a smaller, more manageable burger that won't make you feel like you can't move after finishing it. Plus, their meat is nicely flavoured, they use good cheese and have a great tasting relish and aioli which all comes together to make a really good burger.

We went to Chimi's as usual on our first Friday night back after Sydney, but they were closed. We tried to think of all these reasons as to why they'd just close for one night but deep down we knew that there would be no good reason as to why a place would be closed on a Friday night if it wasn't a permanent thing. Later, DD emailed Chimi's and they confirmed it (plus it's on their website): Chimi's was no more.

The problem was that we still wanted burgers that Friday night. Where could we go? When I did my initial research into Brisbane's best burger I did remember reading that Bennetts Road Seafood do a good burger so we went down to check it out.

Bennetts Road Seafood is a completely unassuming little place in Norman Park. It's got the suburban fish and chip shop feel complete with really low prices. It offers a selection of seafood and snacks (like Chiko Rolls and dim sims, crumbed sausages, "sav in batter" and deep fried Mars Bars) but we were there for the burgers. I love fish and would like to try their seafood one day, but DD hates the taste and smell of seafood so it will have to be one day by myself.

Their burgers range in price from $4.00 for a vegie burger and a bacon burger up to $7.00 for the steak burger works. All burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion and BBQ sauce but you can get extra cheese, egg or pineapple for 50c or add bacon for 80c.

Chips are sold by the scoop, one scoop (which could have fed us twice over) was $2.50. If that doesn't take you back to the good old days I don't know what will!

We ordered a cheeseburger for me and a cheeseburger with no salad but lettuce for DD. The one in the picture is mine. The rolls are lightly toasted with the cheese melted into the bun which was very cool to see.

The meat patties are freshly made with a nice even texture and they had a nice meaty flavour. I felt the cheese was not strong enough to hold its own against the meat and it got lost in the burger. I like a good strong flavourful cheese and unfortunately you couldn't taste it. The salads were fresh and there was a really good meat/bun/salad balance. I also really liked the bun, but I'm a sucker for tasty white bread. The chips were perfectly cooked with a nice crispy outside and a soft fluffy inside. They were very liberally coated with chicken salt as DD requested, I think I'd prefer mine chicken salt-less. As I said before, $2.50 bought heaps of chips. We had to throw at least half of them out, which was sad because they were great chips.

DD enjoyed his burger but felt that it was missing something. He says that next time he is going to try his with bacon.

It was a great simple meal for a fantastic price. The service was wonderful too. They saw me looking at the menu and taking a business card for this post and offered to get me a takeaway menu. They were quite busy but our meals were still ready very quickly.

Bennetts Road Seafood
187 Bennetts Road
Norman Park
Ph 3399 8667


  1. I'm not really a huge burger person, but I have a friend who's been dying to try deep fried Mars Bars - I had no idea you could get them here. While they do sound pretty scary to me, I'm quite intrigued, so maybe I'll give them a go!

  2. I feel the same way about them Lara! I have no idea what they'd be like and I must admit I'm a little curious. I don't know if I'm game enough to try one though.