Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Vodka Cream Pasta with Eumundi Sausages

Since we put in so much effort to visit the Eumundi Smokehouse, we had to do something special with them that would really show their depth and flavour.

Not Quite Nigella used her Eumundi sausage to make this wonderfully simple dish. I thought it looked spectacular and I had a bottle of vodka in the pantry - it was meant to be.

Check out NQN's blog for the recipe, but it is really easy and a perfect weeknight meal when you just want to get dinner out of the way super fast. I used low-fat evaporated milk instead of cream as she suggests.

We used the Chorizo and Polish Kielbasa sausages for this and the way the sauce melded together and coated the pasta was absolutely fantastic. Better than any carbonara!

I've made variations on this twice since then with varying success though (once with pancetta and once with chicken). I've never had it taste as good as it did on the initial try, unfortunately. Of course, the second time I burned the pancetta and all you could taste was burned pork, but the glossy coating of my pasta just wasn't there either of the repeat tries. It must have been the luck of the sausages.

I'm not giving up! I may not be able to get anymore Eumundi sausages for a while, but there's got to be something out there that will make this work.

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