Tuesday, 8 July 2008


You know the songs, they sing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Jamie Oliver cooked chestnuts (over an open fire, funnily enough) in a recent episode of Jamie at Home... Chestnuts are in all the American books when they talk about Christmas/Thanksgiving... And until now, I have never tasted a chestnut. I've had chestnut puree, which is awesome, but never an actual chestnut.

Chestnuts are sold loose in the supermarkets now, so I bought some with the intention of finding out just what this nut tastes like. Following the handy dandy instructions on Not Quite Nigella, I set to work.

I crisscrossed the ends and put my little pile chestnuts in a roasting tray with a little water and roasted them for 8-10 minutes in a hot oven. I let them cool and then removed their outer shell.

I ate them as I shelled them (well, not all of them) and they were very good. They were fairly soft after their spell in the oven, but they were lovely and sweet. I could probably eat these quite easily if I didn't have to shell them first.

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