Monday, 7 July 2008

Sydney Market Roundup - Orange Grove Markets

This was our third last stop on our holiday. (The last two were Max Brenner St Ives and Ribs and Rumps for dinner with friends, if you were wondering). The lovely guys at Adriano Zumbo recommended these markets to us, saying that they had the best bacon and egg rolls ever. People have been known to line up for over 45 minutes for one. We had to go and see for ourselves.

We arrive a little later than we normally do to a market to find the surrounding streets absolutely packed full of cars. The markets themselves were sprawled across the grounds of Orange Grove School and there were stalls there selling everything from bread to plants to cookbooks to clothes to bags to beauty products... There was a huge range of stallholders there. There were gozlemes there, but today we were after the famed bacon and egg roll. We wandered around a bit until we turned a corner to see a giant line snaking back through the stalls. This must be it, we thought. DD jumped in the line while I went for a look around the rest of the markets.

I found the Eumundi Smokehouse stall and a stall selling beautiful quiches and pies. Apparently these are favourites at the Orange Grove markets and often sell out well before 10am. Today was a slow day as there were still a few available. There was also a stall selling a variety of cookbooks for really really good prices.

After my wander about the stalls I returned to DD. He had made a friend in the line and she told him that the best coffee was a stall down the end of the markets and there was always a line for that too. She had sent her partner off to get her a coffee while she waited for the rolls. DD wasn't in the mood for coffee so I was saved from that job.

She also said that there was a stall that sold the best yoghurt ever. I love a good yoghurt, so we had to check that out. She was right too. It was thick, creamy and beautifully flavoured Greek yohurt. I bought a small tub of plain and DD and I ate it on the car in the way back to where we were staying. DD isn't a big yoghurt fan, but even he loved this.

After about 15 minutes in the line, DD ordered our two bacon and egg rolls. They were very simple, a soft white bread roll, a perfectly BBQ'd egg, some BBQ sauce (DD had tomato) and the best flavoured bacon you have ever tasted. We completely agree with everyone who had raved about these rolls. The thing about them is that everything is perfectly balanced with nothing overpowering anything else. And the bacon was sublime, it was just perfectly smoked and tasty. No pictures, we were too busy eating.

Absolutely amazing.

Orange Grove Markets
Orange Grove Public School
Perry St
Leichhardt, NSW
Every Saturday 8am-1pm

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