Sunday, 10 August 2008

Purple Gorilla Burger Sensations

DD caught a different bus to work one morning last week and noticed a bright purple and yellow store called Purple Gorilla Burger Sensations. Apparently, it just jumped out at him and it was all he noticed. We like our burgers, so we decided to give Purple Gorilla a try.

Purple Gorilla is in the new Gabba Central complex opposite the Gabba. Parking there on a Friday (non-game) night is a little iffy, but there is a Coles in the complex so there must be specific customer parking somewhere that I didn't notice. We went after DD had some after work drinks, so I was driving as he was a little tipsy.

They were fairly quiet, but since they are pretty new the word must still be spreading. According to their menu, they have a range of gourmet burgers all served on fresh "Wildbread" buns seasoned with the Gorilla's own rosemary infused olive oil and all sauces and relishes are made in-store to secret Gorilla recipes. This intrigued me, I'm a sucker for a good relish.

The staff there were really friendly and enthusiastic. They were very lovely. DD, in his slightly inebriated state, was inspecting a special board and was asking what the asterisks in "f***" stood for in the phrase "Harden the f*** up!". She happily joked along with him.

Our dinner was ready in about ten minutes. The burgers are huge and the quality of the ingredients is really apparent.

Spicy fire eater: spicy prime beef pattie, chorizo sausage, the Gorilla's own chilli apple chutney, tomato, baby rocket mix and aoili ($10.90 ea)

DD and our flatmate both tried the spicy fire eater. It was a really nice combination of flavours with a subtle heat. It wasn't too hot or strong. I liked it.

Purple Gorilla Burger: prime beef pattie, bacon, Mamma's relish, tasty cheese, tomato, beetroot salsa, dill pickle, baby rocket mix and aioli ($10.90)

I chose the Purple Gorilla Burger minus the beetroot salsa and pickles. The patty is really nicely spiced and has a flavour all of its own. There was an excellent burger to cheese ratio and everything worked together really well. My only problem was that it was too big to finish.

We also shared a serving of potato planks (beer battered potato chips sprinkled with the Gorilla's own rosemary infused seasoning $3.90) with a side of garlic aioli. The chips were perfectly cooked and they were drowned in seasoning like the chips from Grill'd. The seasoning was subtle and it didn't taste artificial. The garlic aioli was one of the best I'd tasted as well.

Next time we visit I want to try the Raving Sweet Chicken burger: flame grilled chicken breast, melted camembert, spicy cranberry sauce, Mamma's relish, tomato, cucumber, baby rocket mix and aioli ($11.90). You could also try the Bush Tucker Roo burger - bush spiced kangaroo pattie with relish, bacon, spicy cranberry sauce, tomato, rocket and aioli ($11.90) or the Magic Mushroom - a whole Portobello mushroom flame grilled and seasoned with basil pesto, relish, feta cheese, babaganoush, olive tapenade, rocket and aioli $12.50).

The burgers were excellent and the service was great. It was very enjoyable and we are really happy that DD caught that bus that day.

Purple Gorilla Burger Sensations
Shop 19A Gabba Central
Cnr Ipswich Rd and Stanley St
Woolloongabba Qld 4102
Ph 1300 GORILLA (1300 467 455) (at the time of this post, the website isn't up and running)


  1. After hearing about how good the burgers were I thought the salad might compare - how wrong was I for $9.00? The greens were dry as a Nun's..... laced with cheap sour soggy fetta and sprinkled generously with perhaps a teaspoon of tic tac sized tomato. Its only saving grace was the three slices of chicken...that in itself is a little tragic. Still starving luckily I'd ordered the planks also and once my arteries recover from the rapid hardening due to OVER salting I may venture back. I vow to stick to the burger menu...wish me luck!

  2. I have visited a number of times and I have loved everything I have tried - the burgers are huge! that's a shame about your salad, I ordered a chicken one the other day and was impressed by the amount of chicken in it and the overall taste of everything in it. Maybe a newbie was making yours! Anyway just wanted to say I totally love the Kiwi Love interest burger - absolutely brilliant. Also the planks and that aoili is to die for!!!

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  4. @Jane: That's why they are called Purple Gorilla Burger Sensation :)

    I am very much looking forward to our next trip Burger outing. Oh how I miss you Chimi's :(

  5. We need to go here again Adrasteia :)

    Yes yes.