Friday, 31 October 2008

More Bento

I have been really enjoying playing with my bentos lately. I love the flavours in Japanese cooking and everything has been so tasty and filling. I've been able to use my gorgeous little bento boxes to cut down on my lunchtime portion sizes as well, which is awesome!

I've been browsing through bento suppliers online and wanting so many of the cute things, but with the current state of the Australian dollar being what it is, I haven't indulged. I went to ebay and checked out what was available from Australian sellers and found a great little set which included a bento box, chopsticks, a fork, a bag, an elastic to hold it all together and some fun accessories. There were all sorts of things, but the coolest was these little animal soy sauce containers and a little rabbit onigiri/rice mould.

I had the weirdest lunch the day I got it in the mail, because I had to have something that used all the fun things. I had some smoked salmon sushi rolls with soy in the little bottle, some plain rice moulded into the rabbit, some potato salad because it was what I had in the fridge and some boiled carrots so I could use my flower shaped vegetable cutter.

Not exactly healthy, but I had fun.

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