Thursday, 18 December 2008

Earth 'n' Sea Pizza

During a visit to a friend's house she suggested that we have Earth 'n' Sea Pizza for dinner, because they are the best pizzas ever, she said.

I have to say that I agree, we had the Earth 'n' Sea Massive Meatlovers Pizza (a combination of bacon, beef, ham and pepperoni with special BBQ sauce) that night, and it was amazing. The bases are awesome, and the wholemeal base adds a whole new dimension to the pizza. It gives it real depth. I had three pieces that night - it was that good.

My friend also says that their ham and pineapple is also the best ever, so I've been thinking about it ever since.

When DD and I were thinking about where to get dinner the other night, I asked if DD minded if we do pizza from Earth 'n' Sea. DD is a big fan of Elios pizzas and generally isn't all that excited about other pizzas so I was very excited when he said yes. We decided to go for two small pizzas so we could get the Massive Meatlovers again and the Troppo.

They are so tasty, I'd give them my highest pizza rating ever!

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