Monday, 19 January 2009

Easy Christmas Trifle

I finished work a little bit earlier than usual on Christmas Eve and I was really excited, because it meant I could go to the fish market and see if I could get some seafood for Christmas lunch and to the supermarket to get some extra goodies. On the way I was speaking to my mother and she mentioned that they were having a trifle with their Christmas lunch and my brain started ticking. I found some madeira cake and custard in the supermarket and started to get more excited, but found I'd forgotten the jelly which meant I had to stop at my local IGA to get some, because once you've gone past the cake, custard and cream you can't stop the trifle train.

I love trifle, but have it very rarely because I'm a little picky about how it should be made. I don't like soggy cake in trifle, so I don't soak the cake in anything. I also don't like fruit in it, so mine tends to be pretty basic.

Step 1 (not including making the jelly)

Put the cubed cake and cubed jelly into a bowl (my jelly was a little delicate and fell apart)

Pour over the custard (next time I need to make sure I get thick custard, the runny stuff I accidentally bought was the reason it wasn't as successful as I hoped.

Then add your whipped cream and grate some chocolate over the top. I whipped my cream with a tiny bit of vanilla.

DD said that he didn't like trifle, but he did want to try some just in case. After he tasted it he said that he thought trifle had to have fruit in it and that was what he didn't like. He loved this fruit-free version.

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