Saturday, 14 February 2009

Burgers at home

DD and I went through a phase where we were taste-testing a variety of different burger places around Brisbane. It was fun, but a new job and a smaller pay packet has meant that we are trying to cut back and be good, so we haven't had burgers for a little while.

DD suggested we try making our own. We figure that we can watch the budget and make burgers the way we like them. DD was even willing to try turkey mince to make the burger patties, which is great because we could buy 500g of turkey mince for $4.00.

We guessed our way through making the patties. We added an egg, some ground cumin, paprika, cayenne, cracked pepper, some breadcrumbs and some spring onions. We made six patties out of the 500g of mince.

To make the burger we lightly toasted some Turkish bread rolls and topped them with some roasted tomato chutney and tasty cheese. We used some gorgeous Green Zebra heritage tomatoes, some fresh baby spinach leaves and some thinly sliced red onion.

They were far better than any burger we've had out recently. It was fresh and juicy and tasty. The only thing I would fix next time is to add some salt to the mince as I felt it was a little under-seasoned.

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