Thursday, 12 February 2009

Coffee and Chocolate Meringue Cake

I've made this cake a few times before but it's always been a hit when I do. This time it was DD's choice for his birthday cake. It's deceptive in that it's actually really easy to make and in that it looks really light and gentle when it's really really rich.

My biggest problem with this cake is the meringue layer. I always seem to make them too thin or uneven. This time, I didn't cook it quite enough. I am blaming this on our oven, I've never made a meringue in this oven before and it's a little temperamental. I also always manage to break the meringue layer when assembling the cake. Luckily, the cream can hide a multitude of sins.

The cream is fantastic on it's own - even without the cake it is amazing. I found that this time I had way too much cream, but I still slathered it all on the cake regardless.

DD loved his cake, but unfortunately it's not much of a keeper as the meringue tends to get soggy.

See here for the recipe.

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