Friday, 6 February 2009


I've had this recipe for tri-colour donburi in my favourites for a long time, and I think about it often - whenever we have minced beef, actually, but normally it's after I've already cooked the mince another way. Finally I did manage to have a night where I had some minced beef ready to go and nothing planned AND I remembered to check, so I gave this a go.

It's very very easy, except I only had one non-stick pan so have to do a quick clean-out between the minced beef and eggs.

I found the flavours in the meat a little unusual to start with, but then my tastebuds worked out they really liked them and I found the mince to be completely moreish. It's very good.

I didn't like the sweetened eggs, however. I'm a little picky with eggs though and there's is only a few ways that I like them. DD thought they were great and wants to have this again.

The mince was definately the star for me, yum!

The recipe for this Tri Colour Donburi can be found here on Cooking Cute.

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