Friday, 31 July 2009

Himalayan Salted Butter Tea

Recently I came down with a sinus and throat infection that really knocked me about. My throat was terribly inflamed and everything was painful, from speaking to swallowing to even moving my jaw. Eating was pretty much impossible unless the food was in liquid form. I found that strong hot sweet black tea was the only thing that went down with the least discomfort and I drank it by the thermosful (lazy me would make a thermos of tea and take it back to bed so I could have it hot whenever I wanted without having to go downstairs).

Thank goodness for wireless internet and laptops, I was able to browse the internet for recipes while I was abed and while trawling through my page (they don't call it that anymore, it's just delicious now for some reason?) I found this post from Not Quite Nigella for Himalayan Salted Butter Tea.

Have I mentioned how much I love my fellow food bloggers? My blog is so tiny and insignificant compared to the wonders that are posted on so many fantastic food blogs out there. Indeed, my blog would be non-existent if I didn't have them to give me inspiration to try new things. I've just realised how many of posts have started with "I was browsing the web and found..." I am so grateful to all of them who spend so many hours sharing their love of food with the internet and I feel privileged that, in my own small way, I can be a part of it.

Anyway, I was ill with a sore throat and was finding that tea wasn't quite thick enough to coat my throat as much as I would like and I thought a warm frothy buttery tea would be something that I should try. I followed NQN's suggestion and used unsalted butter but I stuck to my standard Lipton Intense Black Tea. Everything was going wonderfully until I oversalted the mix. I added a little salt and tasted it and it was lovely but I thought it needed just a little bit more. Except I added too much and it became salty.

It was still very nice when you look past the saltiness. It had the wonderful milky consistency that coated the back of my extremely inflamed throat and was such a relief. It tasted good too (except for the salty part!).

See NQN's post here for the recipe.

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