Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Chocolate Fondue

Once I had made my marshmallows I had to make a little fondue to dip them in. After all, my marshmallow making was inspired by this fondue post on A Year of Slow Cooking. I didn't use my slowcooker for this, I didn't want to wait. I threw some chocolate, cream and vanilla in a small saucepan and heated it slowly to melt and then poured it into my little fondue pot (with a little tealight to keep the chocolate warm) and served it with some apple slices, strawberries and marshmallows.

There is no way that good quality couverture chocolate, cream and vanilla can be bad. No way at all. I have to say, my favourite combination with the chocolate fondue were the apple slices though. My marshmallows were slightly too large to facilitate easy dipping. Must note that for next time.

See this post on A Year of Slow Cooking for the recipe.

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