Friday, 23 October 2009

Breakfast Juice

This morning I couldn't decide what I wanted for breakfast. I have been wanting something really fresh, so thought I'd rummage through my fruit bowl and have a simple fruit salad. I don't have all that much in fruit bowl at the moment, so my salad was just a crisp red apple, a corella pear and a baby nectarine sprinkled with a little fresh lemon juice. It was lovely and fresh, just what I wanted, but I felt that it was missing something so I sat at my computer and browsed through fruit salad recipes on Recipezaar.

One of the recipes I wandered across was this Ginger Zinger Fruit Juice. I looked at the ingredients and then I looked at my half eaten bowl and an crafted a plan. I tossed the rest of my bowl into the blender and added some orange and mango juice and water. I added some grated ginger and then gave it a blitz. It still needed something, so I added some fresh lime and it was a lovely refreshing end to my breakfast.

I haven't really thought about using my blender this way. I guess it's really no difference from using it to make milkshakes or puree soups or from the juice stores using the blenders to make your juices, but I had always thought juicers are for fruit. My blender had no problems whizzing the fruit into a lovely pulpy juice, so I'm definately going to play with this a bit more. Maybe some mint next time...

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