Sunday, 25 October 2009

Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

Some July cooking

I love marinated chicken wings. They are just the best nibble food. They are cheap too, which is always good. D doesn't like bones though, so he is not a fan. I wanted to play around with some recipes and I wanted to go cheap, so these were made only for me.

I went out to buy these chicken wings and checked Lenards before heading into the supermarket to check out the prices there. I just gave it a quick glance, and there was something blocking the ticket but I saw part of the number. I said to myself, oh $4.99 per kilo isn't too bad, but I'll check the supermarket first. The supermarket had them for $4.99 too, so I bought them from the supermarket. On the way out, I got to see the unencumbered ticket at Lenards and they were actually $1.99 per kilo. Oh well.

I split my little hoard of chicken wings in half and used half for this recipe from Off the Spork and half to make karage chicken lollipops.

I'm a big fan of the soy sauce flavour and I love the combination with star anise and chinese cooking wine. I didn't have rock sugar, but substituted brown sugar as Agnes suggested. I didn't bother grilling them, but just snacked on them after they had poached. They were pretty awesome. I did find them slightly salty though, I might have to experiment with the balance to take away some of the saltiness.

See here at Off the Spork for the recipe.

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