Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Shallot Pancake

More July cooking

The noodle restaurant next to where I work makes the most amazing shallot pancakes. They are so tasty. One night D and I visited there for some dinner. D didn't really enjoy the noodles, but he loved the shallot pancake so we got to thinking about whether we could make something like that at home.

I googled around a bit and found that there are many recipes out there for a shallot pancake, but this one from Fast-Ed.com.au looked to be quite uncomplicated and easy to try.

I did stuff up a bit and I added the mushroom soy and chilli oil to the dough because I wasn't reading the recipe. I also am terrible at rolling out dough, so the picture is of the experimental pancake cooked to check the taste. Or so I am telling myself.

The pancake tasted just like the ones from the noodle restaurant! (Well, if you take into account mine was twice, maybe three times as thick). It was awesome. I haven't made it again to see what it would be like if I actually followed the instructions, but I have no doubt it would be spectacular. When you can make awesome stuff at home, who needs to drive for half an hour to buy it?

See the post linked above for the recipe.

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