Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I recently received some less than welcome news from my doctor (nothing life threatening or life changing, just something I didn't need). After my appointment I cried a little bit but my mother told me to calm down because stress can make my symptoms worse. She said that I should relax. I tried to relax and in the process of doing so developed a craving for ice cream. Not just any ice cream but chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Because that ice cream is awesome.

Unfortunately, my nearest Baskin Robbins is too far away for me to indulge as I wanted to, so I decided to see if the food blog world could help me satisfy my craving. This recipe from Joy the Baker made me so excited, I wanted to jump up and make it straight away. Unfortunately, I can't jump and my freezer is so well-stocked at the moment there's no room for my ice cream maker. I tried so very hard to make room for it, but there was just no way he was fitting in.

I tried to talk D into buying an esky so that we could move some things temporarily, but he wasn't convinced. I am still going to make that ice cream, but it may have to wait until we clear the freezer.

So with making my own ice cream on hold for the moment, I went to Plan B. I asked D to bring me home some good quality vanilla ice cream (the Homer Hudson vanilla bean ice cream you can see tucked in the top shelf above) and I went looking for a cookie dough recipe. I'm a big fan of licking cake batter bowls and trying my cookie dough before baking so generally eating something with raw egg in it doesn't particularly bother me, but you don't really eat too much of those things when you lick the bowl/taste the batter. I thought that I better err on the side of caution and went looking for an egg-less cookie dough recipe. There are many out there, but I decided to go with this recipe from the Cupcake Project.

I made this sitting at my kitchen table. I didn't realise how much you tend to move around while baking until I had to get up every time I wanted to go to the sink. It took much longer than I expected.

The cookie dough tasted as sinfully good as cookie dough should. However, I felt that the brown sugar gave it a little too much brown sugar taste. Next time, I will reduce the brown sugar and increase the white sugar to try and replicate the cookie dough taste from the Baskin Robbins ice cream.

I now have a big cookie dough roll in my fridge ready to be sliced and diced and added to my ice cream whenever I need to relax!

See this post from the Cupcake Project for the recipe for safe to eat cookie dough.

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