Thursday, 15 October 2009

Chicken Tagine with Rice minus the tagine

This recipe is another of those that you just know you have to make after you read them. It was actually a two part discovery, I first read Haalo's post on Cook (Almost) Anything at Least Once about Rice Cakes and I thought they looked amazing. I love the crunch rice gets once you fry it, it's one of the reasons I've been obsessively making yaki onigiri recently (post to come). We haven't had a rice dish that would suit for a very long time, so I looked at Haalo's related post Chicken Tagine with Rice.

Haalo's cooking always looks amazing and my mouth waters whenever I read her blog, but I thought I could give this recipe a try, even though we don't own a tagine. It gave me an opportunity to pull out my enamelled cast iron stockpot which doesn't get enough use.

Although it's only the beginning of October, winter has well and truly been forgotten and spring is slightly confused, giving us dry and summary warm weather. It's not really the weather for a warm comforting meal, but D was happy to give it a try.

D doesn't like chicken thighs, so I was hoping to find some skin-on chicken breasts to use. Unfortunately, there were none to be found so I had to use normal breast fillets. We substituted sweet potato (cut small) instead of pumpkin and halved the recipe, but we made the rest as written.

It was very very good. I felt that it needed a tad more seasoning, but D thought it was perfect. It made heaps too, even though we halved the recipe there is still a large bowlful left over.

I tried to make Haalo's rice cakes with some of the leftovers and although the result was very tasty, it couldn't be called a rice cake. My mix didn't hold together, so maybe I needed to add more egg. I still have leftovers, so I may have to try again.

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