Saturday, 17 October 2009

Superfood Salad

When I first started having balance problems I remember being quite distressed because I couldn't stand up long enough to make a salad, much less anything else. This salad was the one I was attempting to make. To be fair, this salad is quite a salad. It's the original Leon superfood salad.

Leon is a UK restaurant chain who aim to change the face of fast food using fresh and seasonal ingredients and meats sourced from directly from farms they trust. It's really wonderful to read their vision and I hope more restaurants follow their lead. They also have a book, Leon: Ingredients and Recipes.

I took some liberty with the ingredients because I am not a quinoa fan and I didn't have any broccoli and I substituted cos lettuce for the flat leaf parsley, but even with my changes this salad was awesome. I love feta and I love avocado and I love seeds, so it was winner with just these three but when you add these to everything else and add the lovely lemon dressing it because a fresh and fantastic lunch.

The recipe can be found here.

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