Saturday, 26 December 2009

Homemade Lightbox

This little guy was a gift from my Secret Santa - isn't he awesome? Thank you Santa!

Do you remember being a kid and whitegoods or browngoods in big boxes and the boxes were more entertaining than what came in them? Well, my mother bought us our very first Scanpans for Christmas and they came in a lovely big box. I adore my saucepans but I also had big plans for the box.

Previously for my food blogging photos I had tried using a box covered with some wrapping paper to give some consistency to my pictures and to hide the hodge-podge backgrounds because I could never find somewhere nice to take the photos.

For a while, that was my setup. My little box usually set up on the stairs as that was where the best light was. Then my box got crushed when we moved and there was nowhere in the new house where the light was food-photography friendly. The light was so frustrating in the new house that I let my photos go a little bit. No one really wants to see the vaccuum cleaner in the background of your shots, but I didn't have anywhere else to take them!

D was taking out the Christmas rubbish and I stopped him from taking the box because I wanted to make another background. He sent me to Google and told me to search for a tissue paper lightbox which brought up this page on WikiHow.

We couldn't find any white tissue paper without having to venture into the Boxing Day sales, so my lightbox is blue, but it turned out quite well. Here's to slightly more professional looking backgrounds in the future!

This morning we went for a lovely drive down to Max Brenner on the Gold Coast. We well and truly got our chocolate fix after a hug mug of hot chocolate and a chocolate drizzled waffle with chocolate ice-cream. I forgot I had brought along the camera and D had already started by the time I remembered, so this is a mid-meal shot. It was good. After our chocolate breakfast and making my lightbox, it's time for our Boxing Day Dunch, bring on more roasts!!

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