Friday, 26 March 2010

Cookie Cutters

While playing with royal icing and sugar cookies recently, I realised that all of my cookie cutters are either too small (meant for bento) or too large. I don't like big cookies. I found some great nested cookie cutter sets which I could use for fondant or scones or cookies at Chalet, some in heart shapes, some in star shapes, some in flower shapes and some plain circles. I already have a perfectly serviceable heart cutter, so I bought the flower and circle ones. I thought they were nicely flexible and were multi-purpose.

Then I saw this gorgeous dog bone cookie cutter. It's bigger than I would like, but it's just so cute!!! D thought I was trying to imply something when I made him these dog bone sugar cookies.

I had a lot of trouble trying to make brown with my four colours of food colouring. I made the beige colour using a lot of red and orange and a drop of blue. Still, I think this colour worked well.


  1. Adoreable! Great work!

    I too only have a select few cookie cutters. I love this one. might have to go and buy one.

  2. Almost all of my work colleagues gave me strange looks and asked if they were 'people food'. They didn't quite understand when I told him that I liked the shape of the cookie cutters. Maybe I shouldn't have made them brown.