Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Fun with Fondant

This is my latest attemp in working with fondant. These are supposed to be Shaun the Sheep cupcakes, but I'm happy for them just to be generic sheep cupcakes. They were inspired by ozcake's amazing Shaun the Sheep cake that I found on Flickr.

Things I've learned since last time:
  1. You only need a gentle touch while smoothing. I was using a bit more pressure when trying to smooth out my wrinkles and it wasn't working to well but as soon as I lightened my touch the wrinkles disappeared!
  2. Cupcakes are much easier to work with than big cakes.
  3. Working with black fondant is much more difficult than white fondant. Plus, remember to wear gloves or it turns your fingers black.
  4. Don't skip the hot-knife stage of ganaching. It really makes a difference.
I've also scored a few more tools since last time, I have some small paintbrushes, a plastic rolling pin and a set of plastic modelling tools. These made a huge difference, especially when trying to make my sheep look less possessed by putting the black iris in their eyes.


  1. Aww, he's so cute. I love the little sheep man.

  2. I like the use of the green wrappers - makes it look like the little sheep are grazing on grass...

  3. The sheep look awesome. I could recommend Wilton's cake courses at Kitchenware Plus, they are a lot cheaper than Planet Cakes' courses and is very comprehensive.
    Go to www.learncookdine.com for course details.

  4. Thanks Rabbit Sim! Those courses look wonderful.