Thursday, 13 May 2010

No Bake Cookies

My cold has been hanging around like a bad smell this week, generally making me feel run down and crappy. I'm also going to blame the cold for the uncontrollable urge to make some chocolate biscuits that came over me on Wednesday night. I wasn't feeling very well at all and I knew that I wasn't up to anything complicated, so when I came across these no bake cookies at Eat Make Read it was a nice surprise.

We had all the ingredients on hand, so I got to melting. The hardest part of the whole exercise was the dropping of the biscuits. I cheated and used my icecream scoop, which means mine turned out a little funny looking in the shape department. Next time, definitely go for the two teaspoon approach.

Next time I will also reduce the amount of oats. The biscuits were quite crumbly and didn't hold together very well. I think a little less oats might fix that.

I love the flavour though. The peanut butter and cocoa flavours melt together really well and the taste is quite different to what I was expecting. It was really moreish though, I was dreaming about the biscuits all day on Thursday, because I had forgotten to bring the biscuits to work.

See the post No Bake Cookies on Eat Make Read for the recipe.

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