Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chocolate Tart

We have started adding the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea into our Saturday market rotation. We hadn't been there for a long time and decided to go back one morning when there wasn't a Jan Powers' Market at New Farm or Manly.

Each time we visited, we wandered past the Twist 'n Roll stand where there is a delightful display of beautiful macarons and tarts and pastries. I've lingered there trying to decide what I would buy if I was to buy anything, but had never actually bought something. Until the other day.

I was debating on what flavour macarons to buy when I saw this gorgeous chocolate tart. Once I saw it, I couldn't go past it. Plus, it was topped with a chocolate macaron!

The macaron was amazing. It was chocolatey and not too sweet. I ate it first, but wished I hadn't. The tart was awesome too. I was very excited to go back and buy something else the next time we visited the market, but it was Easter Saturday and they weren't there. Next time, D will have to hold me back from the macaron fridge.

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