Saturday, 1 May 2010

What's for dinner today?

I do most of my fun cooking on weekends. I work reasonably long hours and go to bed early, so there isn't enough time to do anything too experimental after work. I wasn't feeling too well this weekend, so I slept through Saturday rather than cooking.

Well, sleeping doesn't make for an interesting post on a food blog and arguably this recipe doesn't either, but it was tasty and easy and is embarassingly a pretty typical dinner for us. We like pasta.

It was so easy that all I had to do was drag myself into the kitchen, boil some water and cook some Barilla Tortellini ai Formaggi. While that was bubbling away, I fried some chopped garlic and chilli flakes in a little bit of oil until the garlic was just browning at the edges, tipped in a tin of tomatoes and let it reduce a little bit. Just before serving I stirred some chiffonade of basil leaves into the sauce and then the whole thing was mixed together and topped with parmesan.

If I was being good I would have served this with a bright green side salad, but that was too much effort.

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