Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Breakfast Salad

I'm trying to get more vegetables in my diet by incorporating them into more meals other than lunch and dinner. I love fruit and my snacks tend towards the fruity variety, but I'm now trying to replace a majority of those fruit snacks with vegetable based ones. I hadn't really thought about breakfast, but then I came across this Breakfast Salad on Culinate via foodgawker.

I loved the idea of having a fresh, cool and herby salad topped with a gooey poached egg and creamy goat cheese. All the textures really appealed to me and I've already told you how proud I am that I can now poach eggs.

Cindy spoke to my own heart saying that she loves this salad using cucumbers, capsicums and ripe tomato. It was a perfect combination for me. I added some mint, basil and parsley because I was chopping them for my lunch, but I forgot to toss the vegetables with a little flaxseed oil and rice wine vinegar. I can definitely say I didn't miss it. I do have to make this again and try it properly with some roasted sunflower seeds, but it's currently the dead of winter and this salad is supposed to utilise the vegetables at the peak of their prime.

I'm sure this could be adapted to winter vegetables, I may have to give it a try and see what happens.

See this post The Breakfast Salad on Culinate for the recipe.

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