Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Measuring spoons

I love measuring cups and spoons. I like to say I collect them, but it's really that I just can't help myself when I see a cute set or a sleek looking set or any other set.

I bought a new set of measuring spoons yesterday and when I got home I dug out all the other spoons I have in my kitchen. I'm sure there are more, but about 6 months ago I did a kitchen cull and boxed up all of my lesser used kitchen items. These are just the sets that live in my kitchen drawers.

My favourite is this one from Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen range. I don't use them often as they are a bit heavy and they are a little awkward to level. They are just so pretty.

My most used sets are these three. The black and blue ones have the standard15ml tablespoon measures and the white one has the Australian 20ml tablespoon. They are all rounded which does annoy me as the spoons don't fit into my spice jars but somehow these three are the first ones I reach for.

These Breville measuring spoon sets are pretty cool. The smaller spoons do fit into my spice jars but they are very brittle. I broke the tablespoon measure on the white set not two days after I first bought them. I really liked them and didn't want to risk them so I put them in the drawer out of regular usage. I've since bought another set but I'm still a little wary of them, so they don't get a lot of use.

These Cuisina spoons have never been used. I had to buy them because they were so adorable. Each spoon has a little pouring spout but I don't know if this would make the spoon a little more fidgety to use.

I also have quite a collection of measuring cups, but I'll pull them out another time.

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