Friday, 3 December 2010

I saw an ant.

Then I saw another....


  1. Last house I lived in had those dreadful pantry moths, geckos and mice in the kitchen. A mouse gnawed through a lot of my fake tupperware.

    We have a rat called Harold living in our compost at the end of the garden in our current house. And a few cane toads. They all know their place. Which is no where near me or my kitchen.

    Hope the ants are all gone now. Nasty things!

  2. Maybe You must have some sugar on the floor.

  3. I did actually find the culprit (or the ant candy), it was a box of Lindt peanut butter balls. They weren't anywhere else, just in the box of chocolate. Removed the chocolate, cleaned everything over, haven't seen an ant since.

    See, the universe is telling me not to eat chocolate.

  4. Mel Kettle, I'm glad to hear you've got those cane toads in line!!!