Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Lunch Quick Notes: Ginga Sushi Bar and Dining

Karaage chicken salad (which I can't find on their menu, but their menu is huge so I may have missed it)

I love sushi but for some reason when we visited Ginga I just wasn't in the mood.  Nothing on the train looked appetising (not because it wasn't nice and fresh, it was just not anything that tickled my fancy) and I was a little out of sorts.

I chose the salad because I thought it would be a nice and light lunch.  I didn't expect it to be so huge, but it was a happy coincidence as I really really loved it.  There was a very light dressing of Japanese mayonnaise and there may have been a vinaigrette also.  The flavours worked together so well.  My mood changed notably after a bite of this bowl of freshness.

I loved the little booths away from the train, which were garlanded with greenery and twinkling fairy lights.  I like that sort of thing.

Next time, I'll have to try the sushi.

Ginga Sushi Bar and Dining
1000 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley, 4006
Ph: (07) 3852 4288

website for their sister store at Southbank:

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