Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday Lunch (dinner) Quick Notes: Madtongsan II

We visited Madtongsan II one Friday night after work. I had never been to a Korean restaurant and my only brush with anything even remotely Korean was cooking some of David Chang's fusion cuisine. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be a good (ahem) food blogger if I wasn't excited to try something new, so I really couldn't wait.

I had read Cora's review of the original Madtongsan restaurant (in the Elizabeth Arcade) on her blog Hungry Kittens in preparation for the night and I have to say, she had me craving some Korean.

When the night finally arrived and dinner time rolled around, I was confronted by Madtongsan II's substantial menu with too many things that I wanted to try.  We had another dinner to go to after this (second dinner, as the hobbits say), so we went light but vowed to return!

Ya Che Jeon - vegetable pancake served with dipping sauce (regular size $6.90)

Yook Jeon - beef pancake (regular size $6.90)

D had his meal with some Korean Hite beer.

Both pancakes were absolutely delicious.  We can't wait to go back.

Madtongsan II
85 Elizabeth St
Brisbane, 4000

Ph: (07) 3003 1881  

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