Sunday, 3 April 2011

Oh hai.


Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

We have been having some problems with our internet which has now cumulated in an unusable phone line and a tenuous (at best) internet connection.

When I say tenuous, I mean tenuous. It cannot handle both D and I being online at the same time and it has put D's World of Warcraft endeavours on hiatus, much to his displeasure. We occasionally get 20 or so minutes of stable connection but there is no uploading happening around here.

According to our service provider, the issue is with the aged and degrading 1500m of cable servicing our house and apparently no-one else (we've asked). Since it's considered to be aging infrastructure rather than a fault, our issues have been lodged with Telstra's Customer Network Improvement and if they get enough complaints, they'll fix it (which can take months). As to what we are supposed to do until Telstra do get enough complaints, it turns out they don't really care.

Until we work out what we can do, our access to the internet will be somewhat limited. I'm sorry and I hope to be back up and posting soon.

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  1. oh my gosh- this is hideous. Hope you can get back online properly soon.