Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday (Sunday) Lunch Quick Notes: Blu Grotto Rosalie

Blu Grotto at Rosalie was one of the many Rosalie businesses tragically effected by the Queensland Floods in January.  They are still closed and rebuilding but hopefully they will be back soon.

Before the floods, D and I visited Blu Grotto with D's mother and her partner for a Sunday lunch.  We had a great time with fantastic food and great service.  I'm disappointed I couldn't get back for another visit but we will definitely be one of their first customers when they reopen.

D's mother and her partner chose a selection of tapas dishes to share:

Lamb Skewers (East Turkestan style, naan bread and spiced yoghurt)

Duck Spring Rolls (duck mince, light soy, hoisin and sesame chilli dipping sauce)

Dolmades with a twist (tempura'd vine leaf encased pork mince, light salad in a crisp parmesan basket, sweet chilli, lime and honey dipping sauce); and
Calamari (szechuan pepper, chilli, sweet ginger sauce, horseradish aioli)

Honey Soy Chicken pizza (chicken, garlic, spinach, spring onion, mushroom, ham, spicy yoghurt)

Thai Beef Salad (marinated beef, cherry tomato, mixed leaves, red onion, coriander, bean sprouts, peanuts, crispy noodles and a Thai dressing)

Everything was incredible.  From D's parents' tapas plate to D's pizza to my salad, there was nothing that I couldn't have happily eaten all by myself.  We all had a wonderful time and I can't wait for them to reopen.

Blu Grotto 
4/155 Baroona Road
Ph: 3876 4563

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