Saturday, 13 August 2011

Scone Week

I love Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, when she blogged about Scone Week, I had to too! As Celia says in her post, it was just that a bunch of bloggers all made their own scone recipes in the second week of August last week and then they joked about designating this week Scone Week.

What a great idea.

I love scones.  Unfortunately for me and my scone loving ways, after a very long period of gastrointestinal and digestive issues, lots of pain and two trips to hospital we identified that I suffer from GORD (which is surprisingly common, I’ve discovered) and I have an intolerance to gluten and dairy/lactose.  This, as you can probably imagine, has led to a rather drastic change in my eating habits.

While it’s hardly an excuse for neglecting my blog, our latest foodie outings have been in search of the best gluten and dairy product replacements.  Just wait til you read about my quest for the best non-dairy cheese.  It’s a must-see.  Well, not really, but it was very very interesting for me.

So, back to scones.  A typical scone recipe includes flour and butter.  The whole idea of a scone is that wonderful buttery flavour and that amazing texture, but flour and butter were now no go zones for me.  So I decided to try a variation on a lemonade scone recipe (just another shoutout to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, Celia has her version of a lemonade scone recipe here).


I made a few changes. This recipe was actually made prior to my lactose intolerance being confirmed, so you can see the milk and the yoghurt were of the standard variety.  The big changes were the use of self raising gluten free flour instead of regular self raising, soda water instead of lemonade and Greek yoghurt instead of cream.  I love the butteryness of scones, so I also added some Wilton butter extract.


The dough was quite wet and sticky and I didn’t want to add too much flour, so I tipped the whole thing out onto a tray and made a giant scone.  It took ages to cook.  Not recommended.

Despite that, it tasted very good.  It didn’t rise all that much, but that’s really to be expected from a gluten free flour.  The texture was good, but they were very sweet.  Some of the reviews did say that the scones were on the sweet side, but I thought that by replacing the lemonade and cream I might need the extra sugar.  It definitely didn’t.

Soon after, the dairy issue was confirmed so I went back to the kitchen to try these scones again.  This time, there were a few more substitutions.


So this attempt used gluten free self raising flour, no sugar, lactose free yoghurt, soda water, rice milk and butter extract.  And a muffin tray and ice cream scoop.



These were awesome and stomach friendly!  I took them out of the silicon muffin tray and returned them loose to the oven when they were firm to touch so that they crisped up on the bottoms.  I love them.  I love them so much.

I enjoyed most of the batch topped with a little bit of Nuttelex and a sprinkling of sea salt.  I think I might add a bit more salt next time.

“But Adrasteia,” I hear you say. “What about the typical Devonshire Tea? How do you enjoy scones with jam and cream now?”

Have no fear. Soyatoo soy whip cream in a can is here.  Along with a delightful dragonfruit jam bought from South Bank Regional Flavours.


Perfect for a gluten free dairy free high tea.  Even my mum agreed.

One day I’ll have to tell you about the time my mum (who is very considerate) made me a gluten free dairy free custard from gluten free custard powder using soy milk.  Her and D’s reaction is definitely a story for another time.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your recent finding with being unable to tolerate gluten and dairy. I personally can't tolerate soy so that makes things trickier for me as well.

    Some good news though, I recently posted about a product available in the USA, which is supposed to resolve celiac disease and gluten intolerance. It helps restore normal tolerance to foods containing wheat and many have raved about the success of this product:

    I'm still a little bit skeptical but am rather keen on the idea at the same time. :/