Monday, 3 September 2007


Brisbane's Riverfire was on this weekend, and DD and I went for a drive looking for a not too crowded place to check out the fireworks. This was my fourth Riverfire in Brisbane and I can't get over how everyone just stops when they get somewhere with a bit of a view. Where I used to live, there was a perfect view on the crest of hill, but only when you were in the middle of the road. People would just stop their cars to watch. Crazy!

This year we weren't near the hills, so there wasn't any need for crazy parking. We found a nice riverbank with a pretty good panorama. It was lovely, even if DD was getting a little bored to the end. He perked up when the F1-11's did their dump and burn though.

I took the camera, but the pics didn't turn out real well. Here's the best.

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