Friday, 20 June 2008

Pancakes on the Rocks Darling Harbour

After the Good Living Growers' Markets, we visited Pancakes on the Rocks at Darling Harbour for breakfast. Having pancakes and maple syrup with a selection of savouries was a little bit strange to me, but I definately enjoyed it!

We both chose from the breakfast menu. DD had pancakes with scrambled eggs ($9.95), with a side of bacon ($2.75) and a hash brown ($4.95). I chose pancakes 'n' sausage ($11.95) with a hash brown.

The pancakes were divine. They were light and fluffy and perfectly cooked. They were complimented perfectly with the whipped butter and maple syrup (although DD did have a rather amusing incident with the whipped butter where he thought it was ice cream and tried to eat the whole scoop in one mouthful). My egg was also cooked just like I like it. DD's eggs and our hash browns were unfortunately cold and the hash browns seemed a little overcooked to me. DD liked them and ended up eating mine as well.

I also got to try bacon with maple syrup for the first time. I'm sure that Canadian purists will be shuddering at the thought of me being excited about trying bacon and maple syrup at a pancake parlour, but I thought it was really good. I enjoyed it very much.

The service was nice and casual and the food came out promptly. The restaurant itself was a little loud, but it would be great for a nice family breakfast.

We went back later in the week for a second visit and ordered pretty much the same thing, except I vetoed the hash brown and substituted my normal sausage with Italian sausage. This time everything came out nice and hot and we enjoyed it all immensely. Our only complaint with our second visit (nothing to do with the restaurant itself) was that we were sitting right opposite the door and every time the door opened it was freezing!!!

Pancakes on the Rocks
229-230 Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, NSW
Ph: 02 9280 3791

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