Monday, 28 July 2008


DD and I love going out for breakfast. It's such a lovely contrast to normal mornings where breakfast is often plain toast with Vegemite (for me) or a coffee (for DD) to have someone else make us a delicious meal that we can enjoy at our leisure. This Sunday I really felt like a cooked breakfast, but DD had somewhere to be at 9:00AM and we didn't have time to eat first, so I decided to cook myself the breakfast of my dreams.

We stopped in at Zone Fresh while getting coffee and picked up some gorgeous bacon and sausages. I had some fresh ciabatta from Brumbys (I can't believe how good their ciabattas are, they are almost as nice as the ones you can buy from Pennisi's) and some fresh organic eggs.

DD had his in a sandwich. I served mine with a side of tasty cheese (a la Bills), some tomato chutney and a little bit of BBQ sauce. I've found that if I combine some jarred tomato chutney with some strong BBQ sauce I can get a chutney that tastes almost like I want it to taste, it's really good.

The good thing about cooking it yourself is that you can make sure your egg yolks aren't hard and your bacon isn't charred beyond recognition. It was a perfect breakfast, so good I think I want to do it again!

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