Monday, 29 September 2008

Gravy Chips

The Gravy Chip is the brainchild of Australian comedy duo Hamish & Andy, who embarked on a quest to find the people's chip on their radio show. The quest started when the two discovered that it was possible to customise a flavour for potato chips and they went to their listeners to find out what flavour people wanted in a chip. After many suggestions and shortlists, gravy flavour turned out to be the clear winner.

DD and I like to listen to Hamish & Andy on the way home and we had been listening to the all the excitement on release day and hearing about the people who had camped out and how quickly the first lot disappeared. It was quite a few weeks later when we were doing our first grocery shop for the new house and DD discovered gravy chips in the supermarket. He bought two packets to try them.

We discovered that gravy chips, while not exactly tasting like gravy - more like beef stock cubes, are really quite more-ish. They are hard to stop eating. I'm not a big potato chip fan, but these are okay. DD likes them though, and we had to buy more packets on the next grocery shop.

The Gravy Chips were released for retail sale in Woolworths in the beginning of August for a trial period, but since we found these in September not in a Woolworths, they may have found their way into circulation. Just in case they do disappear, DD asked me to post this here so we can say we were a part of chip history ;-)

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  1. We haven't seen Gravy Chips in the shops for a while, and the last bag in the cupboard has been eaten. I wonder if Adrasteia will think I'm odd if I put stock cubes in regular salted bags of chips... :(

    Gravy Chips, I will miss you.