Sunday, 7 September 2008

Prawn and Udon Stir-fry

I first made a version of the Poison Doughtnut's Prawn and Udon Stirfry a few weeks ago but with a few changes to suit DD and what was in the pantry but I had always wanted to make it properly. I tried it again, but of course, some changes crept in. One day I will make this so it looks like Pinky's. I think the secret is to not cheat.

Minced garlic and ginger are great handy things to have in the fridge but sometimes the fresh stuff is best. I found that using the minced stuff meant that I ended up with a slightly blackened flavoured glug at the end. I also ended up with too much oil somehow. I have no idea how that happened. I didn't think I added much at all. I used some frozen prawns I had in the freezer and even though I let them defrost before adding them, they still had a really high water content and that complicated things a little.

I think that this is a perfect example of the benefits of using fresh ingredients. Apart from my little oil issues, the small problems I had came from using the packaged/frozen stuff. The frozen prawns also threw off the cooking time a little, they took longer than I expected to cook through. Although, in hindsight, I think those prawns were already cooked so I could have just heated them, but they didn't look cooked and I was a little apprehensive.

Anyway, problems aside, this still tasted amazing. I'm just being picky. I love the combination of flavours, I love the udon noodles, I love the crispness of the beans, I love how it smells, I love that even though I did go for frozen stuff, it still tasted fresh at the end (I think the beans did it).

I'm not finished with you, prawn and udon stirfry - I will make you again as you deserve to be made!

See Pinky's fantastic blog, the Poison Doughnut, for the recipe.

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  1. Wow, the stirfry has been honoured! Yours doesn't look too bad. Dunno about the frozen prawns. Surely they should have been OK.
    I'm into organic wholewheat soba noodles now: wait till you taste those. Leaves udon in the dust.