Monday, 23 March 2009

Antioxidant Salad

I love reading Not Quite Nigella. Lorraine posts the most amazing recipes and reviews. She posted this wonderful salad, calling it "just one of her everyday lunches". I wish I had Lorraine's everyday lunches, because this salad is spectacular.

It's a fresh mix of pomegranate, mango and baby spinach with a smooth dressing of balsamic vinegar, grapeseed oil and POM Wonderful juice. Lorraine added almonds, but I didn't like them in the mix so I've left them out.

I took it to work one day and shared with some of my colleagues. Not long after, I started getting emails about "OMG, the best salad ever!!!" and recipe requests. It truly is an amazing salad.

See Not Quite Nigella for the recipe. You need to try this salad.

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  1. Thankyou! So glad that you liked it-it's great to know that it's so healthy for you too! :)