Saturday, 21 March 2009

BLT Wraps

I've been looking for quick and easy lunch ideas recently. Preferably those that don't require heating and can stand being in my lunch cooler for a few hours. I've been mostly making salads, but sometimes you want something different.

These BLT Wraps have gotten some great reviews on Recipezaar, and they seemed so simple. I don't know how healthy they are with the mayonnaise and the bacon - but I used Weight Watchers bacon and reduced fat mayonnaise to try and make them a little less guilt-inducing.

I said they were simple, in fact all that you need to do is cook the bacon, tear it into pieces (I cut mine into small pieces and then cooked it), shred your lettuce and add mayonnaise. The original recipe also said to add tomatoes, but I didn't have any.

They were very tasty, the saltiness of the bacon worked well with the mayonnaise. I mixed everything together before I left home, but next time I will keep the mayonnaise separate so the lettuce stays crisp.

It's not an everyday lunch, but it's fun and tasty.

BLT Wraps
from Shae as posted on Recipezaar

2 rashes of bacon - I use two eyes
2 handfuls of shredded lettuce leaves
mayonnaise as needed

Place bacon and lettuce in a large bowl, add enough mayonnaise to"wet" all ingredients together.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Place a"generous" portion of BLT mixture onto tortilla, as if you were making a burrito.

Wrap and Roll-- you're ready to go!

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