Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Seafood Pho

More May Cooking

While I was sick with my sinus and throat infection (the first one), I spent a lot of time eating soups. Soup from a can was fun for a while (there are some really lovely ones out there) but one day I had a real hankering for some Thai Tom Kha Gai, or hot and sour soup.

I don't know what happened though. Somehow my Tom Kha Gai didn't eventuate and it turned into a Tom Yum soup but along the way everything went a bit scrambled and it ended up being a Tom Yum / pho mishmash. It was tasty though.

I used chicken stock and pho aromatics and then mixed in some chilli paste in soya bean oil (Nam Prik Pao) and then added some marinara mix seafood I had in the freezer. I served it over some rice noodles and added some chinese cabbage and baby spinach leaves.

It was tasty, but needed more chilli to help clear my sinuses!

My last attempt at Tom Kha Gai was much more successful.

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