Monday, 24 August 2009

Vietnamese Roasted Chicken in the Slowcooker

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When I made the roast chicken on the crown from Masterchef, I ended up with the hindquarters of chicken leftover which D doesn't like so I decided to make something that I liked with Thai flavours that D isn't a huge fan of.

Luckily, this was during my obsessive reading of A Year of Slow Cooking, and there are many suggestions for what you can do with chicken pieces on that blog. This particular recipe was a perfect choice because D doesn't like strong fish sauce/soy flavours and I do, so this recipe was made for me!

Just like so many other fantastic slow cooking recipes, this is a set and forget for a few hours dish. Mix the sauce ingredients together, pour them over the chicken and cook. Because I was only using a small amount of chicken and our slow cooker is quite large, I put the chicken into a smaller casserole dish which I then put into the slow cooker.

I loved the flavour of this chicken. I had it over rice and it was just amazing. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it came across very oily. I didn't add more oil than the recipe called for and all I can think that it could be is that I cooked the chicken skin on and removed it before eating. Maybe I need to take the skin off? I cooked this twice and had the same problem. Next time I'll try skinless pieces.

See this post on A Year of Slow Cooking for the recipe.

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