Saturday, 19 September 2009

Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

I was browsing through websites one day and I came across this post on It says that the best scrambled eggs come from a YouTube video (which has now been removed but another copy can be found here) and from the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay.

The video is apparently Gordon's perfect Saturday breakfast. Scrambled egg, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes with sourdough toast.

Gordon uses three eggs and instructs us not to season them because the salt starts to break down the eggs and can turn them watery. He says to add a knob of butter right at the beginning because it starts giving the eggs a nice velvety finish right from the beginning. Never whisk your eggs beforehand because that's breaking them down - whisk them in the pan.

Apparently the secret (the main secret) is starting the eggs on a nice generous heat and then take them off the heat, then put them back on the heat and repeat (three or four times). He likens the scrambled eggs to a risotto, you need to keep working it. As you stir and put it off and on the heat, the eggs will come together and become quite creamy. At the end, add a tablespoon of creme fraiche to stop the cooking. After the cooking is done, then you can season and finish it off with some chopped chives.

I had just purchased a silicon whisk when I found this video and had to try the two out together. It takes a little bit of work but it is definately worth it. These are the best scrambled eggs I've ever had. I could have kept these on the heat for a little bit longer to thicken them up some more, but they were still delicious.

My old favourite scrambled egg recipe was one from Bill Granger, but it made you feel so guilty every time you ate it thanks to the addition of 1/3 of a cup of cream for every two eggs. Gordon's recipe manages to get the creaminess without the need for that much actual cream. I still like Bill's recipe, but I think next time I'll be cooking Gordon's.

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