Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Max Brenner Hot Chocolate and Hug Mug

When D and I discovered that Max Brenner had opened a chocolate shop on the Gold Coast, we knew that we had to go and visit. Unfortunately, the opening hours never seemed to fit in with what was happening.

In the end, we went for a drive after work on a Friday night, arriving at the Robina cafe at around 8:30pm. The place was packed. It was so busy - there were no tables and the line was out the door. You almost couldn't move when you were inside.

I'm not a big fan of crowds, but I couldn't resist leaving D in the line to get some (takeaway) drinks so I could look at the chocolate goodies for sale. I fell in love with the hug mug when I had my first hot chocolate at a Max Brenner store in Sydney. It was such a cosy way to have a hot drink. I didn't buy one back then, but I thought about it fondly quite often. The Gold Coast store (well, maybe all stores now) had a hug mug and hot chocolate pack for sale and I couldn't control the ultimate consumer inside and wanted to buy it. Except, the store was so busy none of the staff were even looking at that part of the store, much less coming to help, so I just stood there for ten or fifteen minutes (D was still in the line). Luckily, a lovely girl who was just starting her shift saw me hovering and came to help me, and the hug mug was mine!!!

The next day I opened it up and tried to replicate the Max Brenner hot chocolate. I used my La Chocolatiere to froth the milk before pouring it over the chocolate powder. As you can see, my barista skills are a little lacking, but it tasted awesome! Everything taste better in a hug mug.

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